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Original IMAGE (though the version I used was higher quality)

Roses | Ice | Moonlight | Sunset | embellishment | Stars | Monty Oum stamp

Lyrics From Red Like Roses (Red Trailer for RWBY)

Made in the Photoshops

Monty Oum signature stamp added as a tribute to Monty Oum (1981-2015)

Little did I know that Monty Oum passed away in February of last year. Also how did I not know about this series until a few days ago? Seriously RWBY is bloody brilliant. I easily burned through the whole first season in ONE NIGHT. I just couldn't stop watching because it was so captivating and Monty Oum was a bloody genius. Seriously that man had some hella mad animation skills. I would have loved to have met the man. He was taken way too young. He was a legend taken way before his time. Makes me sad But he left some brilliant work behind and made his mark on the world. So he will never be forgotten.

This wallpaper is a tribute to the RWBY series as a whole and a tribute to the genius and legend that is Monty Oum. Features the four main girls; Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. They are all so awesome and make a good team. The backgrounds are their respective "elements" to represent them as individuals. Mostly embellished with a few textures and the lyrics were taken from "Red Like Roses (Part 1 ver.)"

As a whole this wallpaper took me about an hour to make. There is actually quite a bit in this whole thing. I had fun making it. I especially liked adding the text into there to describe each of them. And I usually don't really care to put text in wallpapers much. And of course I added Monty's famous signature stamp in the bottom left hand corner as tribute to him and he was the one that created the epicness that is RWBY.

Dedicated to Snowzi because how ironic that we would both be inspired by the same song. Your wallpaper for this song was brilliant. :)

Hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper.

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blake belladonna, gun, monty oum, roses, ruby rose, rwby, scythe, shiny, stars, sword, team, weiss schnee, yang xiao long
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