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Title taken from this song.

So, I just finished Haikyuu!! season 2. At first, I was a little frustrated with it, because one of the biggest reasons I love Haikyuu!! is because it reflects how I feel about my own high school experience. This had changed, not because the anime had changed, but because those nostalgic feelings were fading. Instead my feelings towards the idea of high school were similar to those in the song above. I came to college, expecting a whole new world with new problems and everything. However, I ended up facing a lot of the same problems I faced in high school, which to me seemed just so... ridiculous. Yet, at the same time, I still end up having fun, just like I did in high school. So, I realized that, instead of worrying about the problems I have and the future and such, I should just try and enjoy life to the fullest right now, because it's all going to be the same, anyway.

And I realized that Haikyuu!! really is kind of like that, too. The characters aren't sitting there worried about the future, they just enjoy their life and try their hardest right now. Because that's what they're in, and what they can affect - the now. And that's why they continue playing volleyball, even though it may hurt their grade - because that's what they value now, and by doing the things they know they wil enjoy now, they won't regret it later. Which made me really happy when I realized this - because that means that, despite my feeling changing a bit, Haikyuu!! really does still reflect my perspective on high school.

...If that makes sense. Sorry about all the ramblings ^^' Something I had to get off of my chest.

So, anyway, you might see more Haikyuu!! wallpapers based on that song.

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