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Tengoku ka? Jigoku ka ha?
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Season 10 Poster

Sam Winchester

Dean Winchester



*Some custom textures made by me

*Made in Photoshop CS5

*Title Note: Translated literally means Heaven or hell?

Here is one of 3 wallpapers I made today. I finally had a little bit of time to make some. This one features Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Crowley from the Supernatural Season 10 poster which I used in this wallpaper. Links to all poster images are linked above.

I think I have a little explaining to do with this one. I combined the individual character posters of all 4 of them with the main image I used. I wasn't originally going to do that but it just kind of happened. So did the use of the "PSI-Missing" lyrics. Kind of like in this wallpaper I made a few weeks ago.
I think that those part of the lyrics just fit into this wallpaper. Basically that's the theme of Supernatural the show, is facing what comes, either heaven or hell. I'm happy with how this wallpaper turned out. I even created a custom texture that I used just for this wallpaper.

Dedicated to DemonsandAngels who is a fellow Supernatural fan and for being an awesome Otaku. You're one of a kind. *hugs*

I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper.

*Available in ALL Sizes except Tall resoultion.

Supernatural Wallpapers
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