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The Cold Never Bothered Me
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(Long Description is Long)
Long time,no wallpaper. Life has been busy for me lately, I haven't had time to make a wallpaper yet this month. Until now.
I finally got to see Frozen and I can honestly say it was a good movie and it exceeded my expectations. The animation was good,loved all the characters (except Hans,he was a jerk). Olaf is extremely lovable. Anna is strong willed,Elsa was amazing. Just overall a great movie. Best animated movie I've seen for along time,save How To Train Your Dragon (looking forward to the sequel this summer) and Rise of the Guardians. Sorry I just love Frozen and I tend to ramble about things I love.

There are a lot of songs that move me emotionally and help me connect to memories of my childhood. The song that has really made a connection with me. That song is "Let It Go", Frozen's main image song as sung by Idina Menzel and Demi Lovato. I've come to be moved by both versions. The lyrics really spoke to me and my life. I had been through a lot of crap and hell throughout my life and the lyrics resonated with me trying to let go and not let the past bother me anymore. Its been hard for me though because I feel chained down and trapped because of issues involving my dad and other issues that I really don't want to talk about here. But I had chosen this song because it keeps the hope alive for me that things can get better and you have to let go of your past and not let people control you or bother you.
The lyrics in the wallpaper are from the song "Let It Go" as mentioned above. I used textures to try and make it kind of icy and wintery like Elsa's powers. I really wanted to make a wallpaper of Elsa because she is just so amazing and I can really relate to her and kind of what she goes through over the course of the story of Frozen.
I hope this description is ok. I am not very good at expressing my feelings through words. But I did my best. I present my entry for the | Go With The Music Pt. II | hosted by Bleachic.
Dedication: All my wonderful friends here on theO. I love you all so much and I wouldn't be who I am today without your wonderful friendship and support. Thank you so much.

Wallpaper image sources
Elsa render 1
Elsa render 2
Winter texture background
HD snowflake texture

Fonts Used
Supernatural Knight
Twilight New Moon
Mistral Fon
DS9 Font (also used for wallpaper signature)
Script Mt bold

Song Links
Let It Go-Demi Lovato ver.
Let It Go-Idina Menzel ver.

(I think this is the most links I've ever done for a wallpaper. Also submitted this on my phone. The linking was tough but I managed)

Frozen Wallpapers
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| Go With the Music Pt. II |

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