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Submission number 2 for the OTP Challenge!

Its rare for me to submit more than one piece per challenge but 1 minute after I finished my first piece I was instantly thinking of Howl & Sophie, I really like that they got the typical happy ending after everything they had gone through, thank you Studio Ghibli for delivering ♥

I was originally planning on having them dancing in a giant field of flowers but naturally that failed when I couldnt find the right image that I wanted. I cant remember how I came across the one I ended up with but let me just say that if I could get rid of those butterflies I would. Dont get me wrong I love butterflies even have a few butterfly tattoos among my anime ones but dammit I didnt want them on this wallie! Besides the butterflies I think it still might be a bit too bright but hey I cant win every battle.

Side note - I know that the image is a lil blurry in some places but I swear on all that is holy that is also in the original image! I tried to clean it up the best I could but hey its midnight now and theres only so much a girl can do for a challenge that ends tomorrow >.<

Original image - I wish all wizards were this sexy
Plus background 1 & texture 1

Dedicated to Hifsa for being a fellow HMC fangirl and also for being awesome in general ^_^



Howl's Moving Castle Wallpapers
Dancing, Howl, Howl Jenkins, Howl's Moving Castle, Sophie, Sophie Hatter
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