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So...This is based off a song I found on Tumblr called, "Heroes Don't Tread Here"
Music, Lyrics and Mixing by Heroic Plights
Performed by Heroic Plights (America) and the amazing Gent (England)
UGH. I love this song sooo much!!! LIKE I DON'T EVEN...*calms*
I made two versions with different wording
This song is about how America wants to help England in WW1, but England does not want America to get hurt. And talks about how terrible things are in Europe. America wants to help anyways.
And like any war...Heroes don't truly exists...thus, "Heroes Don't Tread Here"
I basically got these words by how I messed up the lyrics in my head. But this phrase fit.
The map in the BG I will have to link to you when Google works again.
The two pictures are from
All other stuff was done with default GIMP. *got a new computer and too lazy to get brushes*

dulce et decorum est
pro patria mori

when you are trapped in Europe’s game
if you call my name
I’ll be at your side
there’ll be no one to harm you then…

my heart is
a lonely wasteland
that beats across the earth
more tired than I’ll admit.
and there are
cracks that I can’t seem to mend,
and new wounds split the earth
from Somme to Verdun.

but I remember when you were
small and at my side.
(small things tend to grow and change in time)
and I wonder if your soul will
make it out alive.
(I think I’ve had worse so I’ll be fine)
for heroes don’t tread here

please come back and lay your head
on my broken shoulder.
in this realm of blood and death
I will be your home, young soldier…

here I stand
nearly a stranger
a rifle in my hand
more scared than I’ll admit.
though I have
braced myself against the tide,
the fire fills my lungs
as bombs rain from the sky.

but I remember when I
rose up against your crown.
(I’m sure I’ve had worse I will be fine)
I thought I’d be rid of my
naivety by now.
(heroes turn to cynics after time)
and heroes aren’t safe here

come and lay your weary head
on my broken shoulder.
I may not be heaven sent
but when your alone it’s colder…

when you are lonely and afraid
if you’d call my name
I’d be at your side
there’d be no one to harm you then

dulce et decorum est
pro patria mori
oh great Europa war has come for you
has come for every child
and every nation too

but if I die in red
(and when you die in red)
may I rest my head
(come and rest your head)
in your hold
(in my hold)
so I can go home
(so we can go home)

Hetalia: Axis Powers Wallpapers
Alfred, Alfred F. Jones, America, Arthur Kirkland, Britain, England, United Kingdom, WW1, WW2
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