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April Showers...
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*creative title not so creative*
A simple Tokyo Mew Mew wallpaper I made for Hanako Sho's birthday.
I've always loved this scan but never could find a very good quality image of it until I found a nice one on Minitokyo. The ones I found before had the staples and the page fold cause it came from a calender of sorts. I was finally able to find it and create a wallpaper with it. Good scans of Tokyo Mew Mew are so rare. I was very lucky to find this one. What's even rarer is that Berry is in the group and you don't find too many of those types of scans. Good scans are so hard to find anymore. It's really sad.
For the wallpaper all I did was add a couple of textures to enhance the scan and give it a somewhat softer look. I'm very happy with how it came out. I may do another version of this wallpaper later. But I hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper.
Dedication Hanako Sho: Happy birthday to you friend. I hope you enjoy this wallpaper. You are a great friend to many and a very inspirational artist. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for being so epic. Love you friend and have a happy wonderful birthday.

Tokyo Mew Mew Wallpapers
berry, bokeh, flowers, ichigo, lettuce, mint, pudding, rainbow, spring, tokyo mew mew, umbrellas, zakuro
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