Rainbow Dragon (Wallpaper Portfolio) Pink Sweetness(Mew Mew ver.)

Pink Sweetness(Mew Mew ver.)

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Heart Frame

I was trying to make a banner for a icon/graphic themed world I wanted to create but it ended up turning into a wallpaper instead. Funny how one project can turn into another one. I wanted to make my new world Tokyo Mew Mew themed. I love Tokyo Mew Mew,it's so cute and I love the artwork and the story. I have yet to see the anime version but I've read all the mangas several times. I love them so much.
I know there's a lot of pink. I haven't made a pink wallpaper for awhile so this was fun to do. I was going to have a render of Ichigo inside the heart frame originally but it didn't really work out and the render ended up being too low quality. So I used a render of the whole mew mew group(unforuntately Mew Berry and Ringo aren't in the anime version) but they are in the manga. Actually Ringo is in a Tokyo Mew Mew PS game that I would like to play someday. Berry is Tokyo Mew Mew a La Mode the manga. They need to make that into an anime but I digress ^^;
This wallpaper has a lot of pink and hearts and I'm happy with it. I hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper.
Member Dedication:Vanilla Cupcake-Cuz you're such a sweetheart. I loves you so very much. You're one of my bestest friends~<3

Tokyo Mew Mew Wallpapers
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