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Sparklin' Beauties
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Title: Sparklin' Beauties
Series: Sailor Moon
Characters (Layers): Setsuna (15), Hotaru (15), Haruka (14), Michiru (21), Chibi (17), Usagi (28), Ami (16), Makoto (14), Rei (13), Minako (17)
Layers Total: 170 Charas + 40 Eyes/Extras + 5 Bg = 215 Total

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I've been working on this vector for awhile now. Although the characters were simple enough, the whole made the vector both time consuming and annoying. >.<;; But I pulled through it even though it took awhile. I knew I wanted to vector it as soon as I saw the scans uploaded. The downfall and slight discouragement was that Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune didn't have dresses... and it was too obvious to leave alone. Using different dresses as models (link/listed at end) I drew my own dresses and shadowed them myself. Honestly this is the first time I've ever added in my own stuff or put shadow on anything so I'm a little uncomfortable with it .__. but it was necessary *sigh* I did consider asking someone for advice, but I didn't want to bother anyone or know if they'd get it back to me with reasonable time. In the end I decided to suck it up and put my imagination to work XD

For the colors, I changed Ami from a white dress to a blue... I do think I might've picked too bright of a blue, but at the same time I didn't want her dress to be too light compared to the others. Rei went from pink to red dress... I mean, I can understand the pink, but she is MARS and FIRE and needed red. It was calling to her and she often wears a red dress when she dresses up in the anime D= As for Makoto... well Jupiter needed green and the yellow looked too passive for someone with her passions and stuff >.< Chibiusa's yellow dress looked too light and blended too much with both her scarf and Usagi's dress. So I wanted her dress to be more of a pink she deserves and to stand away from Usagi and show they're two people and not just a mix of dresses. Saturn's dress was the right colors but FAR too light. Thus I just brightened it up some but not overwhelmingly so.

I started and worked from Minako down, made a circle, and ended on Chibi and Usagi. Well technically I did the eyes last, buuuuuut, yeah... lol! The eyes turned out to be my favorite part, it was fun workin' on the colors and stuff. I dunno why, but I always tend to pay the most attention to the eyes in any anime. These eyes had enough detail to them to make me happy. ^-^

The moon was taken from the original scan and NOT vectored. Instead I pushed the colors around the peps in front of the moon so that the old, not vectored characters wouldn't be seen or get in my way. Then I went and add/removed noise and basically smoothed the moon over.

The background behind I actually made BEFORE I had completely finished my vector. Well I started it, did the last touch ups on the background once the vector had been complete and put on top of it. Used a cloud brush with some stars and sparklies for the background on top of a ligth blue to dark blue coloring. Pretty simple, huh? xD Added the vector, added the moon, then went about changing the lightening and working on that. The wallpaper part technically only took about half an hour (spread over 3 cuz I was forced to raid and work on the wallie in between pulls). The vector I did over a spread amount of time but I think it took a good few weeks. I'd have to check for exact day I started on the vector.

I'm too tired to go into more detail... I considered making more than one version with different colors for the dresses (like the original and lighters and so on) but I didn't... maybe later... oh well... haha... bed is calling me now <3

Note: too lazy to link here, check MT or AP for links below:
Vectored in Paint Shop Pro 8
Original Scan (Left Side)
Original Scan (Right Side)
Pluto (Setsuna)'s Dress Model
Uranus (Haruka)'s Dress Model
Neptune (Michiru)'s Dress Model
Brushes from free-brushes.com

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