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Title: Blush
Series: Card Captor Sakura
Characters: Syaoran and Sakura, Kero and Spinel Sun
Layers: 177
Inspiration: I felt inspired to do a Syaoran/Sakura wallpaper after I finally finished reading Tsubasa which I had held off on for... like years XD However, I like the simple and cute Syaoran and Sakura from CCS better and so went lookin' for an image from there rather than Tsubasa.

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So for actual major DETAIL in WORDS of how I went about the vectoring of this, you can look that up on my website. I'd rather give the condensed version for the viewers here haha.

So basically what I did was vector the whole image (well that parts I deemed would be in the wallpaper). I didn't do the background or vector the branch in the background behind Syaoran simply because I thought it looked crappy and not worth of the vectoring >.> And after leaving it off and looking, I don't think I really lose anything by leaving it out.

I originally worked on this wallpaper at the size of 2400x1800, and the blending looked much better and proper at this size, but when I condensed it down the blending just looked a little pathetic... I considered going and just taking the blending out, but by then I already had the wallpaper with results I liked and didn't remember the exact steps (with color changing and highlight and such) that I had taken .__. because of this I also don't have a unblended version to share >.< However, I have 3 different versions I plan to upload simply because I personally couldn't decide which was best...

The first version I liked best overall, it wasn't too bright and overpowering and yet there was a background that was colorful (ish) and could be seen. The second version has a nice background as well, though I personally found it too bright, but thought it still looked pretty nice. The last version has the red wrap thingie (tinsel, I believe) with its original red color. For the other versions I felt almost forced to dull the color down because it made the wallpaper RED... like it really really made the wallpaper just scream RED! >.< However for the last version, because it's a lot "darker" (or dimmer) the original red is just fine as is.

Overall I considered other backgrounds such as trees and branches... but I thought that the main focus was them and to throw random trees behind them might conflict with scaling (such as they're too small to be behind the large tree Syaoran and Sakura must be standing in). To throw random branches I thought would add more cluster which is obviously unnecessary since there are already a lot of little things around the couple.

I enjoyed the vectoring and working on this wallpaper. In all honest this is far more vector than wallpaper, but I really liked the different turn outs for the wallpaper. ^-^ Either way I hope everyone else likes it as well.

Paint Shop Pro 8
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