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The first Kingdom Hearts game I played was Kingdom Hearts(1) on PS2.
I played the first Kingdom Hearts back in 2008 or 2009. I can't remember for sure. I had gotten Kingdom Hearts for my birthday and my mom and I started playing the game together over my spring break and I've loved KH ever since. I love the characters and I loved going to the different worlds and battling the countless different types of Heartless and bosses. It was so much fun. My favorite world in KH 1 was probably Hollow Bastian because there was so much to that world. You had to solve different puzzles to get to different areas. It was a lot of fun I don't remember when I completed the first KH for the first time. All I know is I had a lot of fun playing it through. I played KH2 not too long after that. But KH1 will always be my favorite.
My favorite character(more like characters) would have to be Sora,Riku,Roxas,Axel,Kairi,and Princess Belle.I also like Donald,Goofy,and Tinkerbell as well.
This wallpaper was a bit of a challenge to make. I also wanted to try something a little different with blending the images. I found images of the different main friendships in the different main KH series. From KH:358/2 Days is Axel,Roxas,and Xion,KH2:Sora,Donald,and Goofy,KH2:Sora,Riku,& Kairi,and KH:Birth By Sleep:Ventus,Aqua,and Terra. Also in front of the images I blended Sora,Riku, and King Mickey mouse in their clotes in KH:3D(still have yet to play that gameBut hopefully I can get a 3DS along with KH3D for Christmas ^^;) But anyway I am seriously proud of this wallpaper. I know xkeyofdestinyx loves KH so I dedicate this wallpaper to her because she's a good friend and I've known her and her sister Morbid Dollie here on theO for along time. I hope you guys enjoy the wallpaper. I love KH! Happy 10th Anniversary KH!
Original Sora,Riku,and Mickey image found here

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358/2 days, aqua, axel, birth by sleep, donald, dream drop distance, goofy, kairi, king mickey, kingdom hearts, mickey mouse, riku, roxas, sora, terra, ventus, xion
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