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So I finally got around to making a wall for the ORIGINAL original Super Robot Wars character Masaki Andoh. This wall may seem simple but trust me, it took a lot of work, just like my Number 18 wall I had to go in and paint in the white space and I also took Masaki out of the cockpit he was in (but left the SRWOG Project text there since I thought it worked) and painting around the Cybuster itself was something.

Masaki Andoh was the first SRW original character with his super robot the Cybuster, first appearing in Super Robot Wars 2 for the Famicom, which was the first Super Robot Wars to have a story with the actual characters from the different robot anime instead of just the mecha being sentient like in the very first one for the Game Boy. When you start SRW 2 you even hear the Cybuster's theme Neppu Shippu Cybuster as the story is being explained at the beginning.

Huh? You noticed something? That dude looks like the guy in my avatar? Well, that's because it is. (Well, for now anyway, I don't change my avatar that often but I do change it every couple of months.)

Dedicated to Ichitaka because for some reason when I think of him, Masaki comes to mind. XD

Also click this link to hear Neppu Shippu Cybuster sung by JAM Project. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqh3JYSfY1w

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