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This is something I started to put together at midnight lol

On Halloween, my friends and I went for some sushi before we went to a cosplay thing and this song started playing near the end of our meal. I was all like "Oh my gosh! This song totally fits me!" (I was dressed as Misa, so I was acting like I was her) and all my friends agreed.

I put only a couple of lines on the wallpaper, but I think the whole song matches her really. When you think of Death Note, you think of how much in love Misa is with Raito, or at least I do. She's just so in love with him and what he does that even with her memories gone she still loves him (hmm...sounds like Shirley from Code Geass...I might do one of her later...)For the second part, Misa is always trying to get Raito to notice her, and even if he doesn’t she's an Idol so whenever she goes out she gets mobbed by people who think she's amazing and are in love with her (take L Lawlet)So while she has Raito to be her Teenage Dream, she is still the worlds.

I used Gimp (pretty much the only software I use), it was fairly easy to make the vector of the picture (which I love. I think it’s awesome! xD). It took a little bit to do the words because I had to kilter them and sometimes they didn’t want to move around so I had to keep deleting them and doing them over (and over and over and over in some cases)

Death Note Wallpapers
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