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Were all the Mew Mew pics are from

Strawberry Background

The Feathers

Well, I could barely even think of an idea for this. I was running out of ideas and so I looked at some of the other entries. Then I saw the name Ichigo, and remembered it meant like strawberry or something, so I was like, Mew Mew Power!!!!!!!!!! So I was looking up images and so yeah. I cut the images out (this is all done on Gimp) and put in the background and cut out the feathers and stuff. For the feathers, I faded them a little bit.
I also played with the colors on the Mew Mews so they look a little more pinkish. Oh yeah, I cut out the strawberries, then put that pink stuff in the background, using a brush on gimp (I think I got that one from here). I put it all together and walla.

I hope this is okay!

Tokyo Mew Mew Wallpapers
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