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okay it's been so long since I made a wallpaper, the final exams kept me very busy, but now I'm back in business ^_______^
so for my first comeback an entry in LunaInverse's challenge

Sing me a Song

The paper where the lyrics are written looks just like a good-bye note, a break-up, a dump that says "I got what I want, hope you got the same, if not I don't really care", this song represents the "bad girl" that says "I'm the best there is and you lost me, you're a looser!"
There is something written on her bat, if you look very close, it says "I'm a Princess", it really suits her attitude, her clothes and the lil' pink crown. And the effect I wanted to create with those flower figures was that the ink on the bat is so fresh that it spreads in the air in a flower form adding some more elegance to the girl and the whole wallpaper.

The song I used is: "Want" by Natalia Imbruglia, it's kind of oldish, but I always liked it ^________^
here are the lyrics:

so I suppose you got what you want
take a good look at what you give up, because I'm telling you a heart can't be unbroken
and can you remember how I kiss you, recall the sweet taste in you mouth
'cause baby the memory is all you get now and I'm moving on

All that you want
I hope you get all that you want
I hope you get all that you want
Cause I did

does every morning make you happy and tell me do you laugh yourself to sleep
I hope you find it easy to forget me
I hope you don't feel anything when you see me, I wonder if you're out there having fun
I hope you get all that you really wanted, 'cause I'm moving on...

don`t you see the lights has changed and nothing looks the same
just shadows on the ground
and if you listen carefully you'll hear a song...

All that you want
I hope you get all that you want
I hope you get all that you want
Cause I did

bg by vikyvampirs90
lights by aby7777
torn paper by Yami
Vector by levitan@ AnimePaper
ink flowers by flourish13
crown by reina

Work dedicated to LunaInverse, thank you again for the invitation to your challenge, your challenges are the best *hugs you tight*
Hope you all like it !!
Hugs, favorites and comments all appreciated !

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Sing me a Song

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