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The Love Triangle
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My entry for ur challenge, Sinsof n KanameGirl. This anime Shining Tears X Wind based on the game (Shining Tears n Shining Wind). I never played the games, I only watch the anime. It’s completed in 13 episodes.

From the right, It’s Souma, Kureha, n Kiriya. The three of them r friends ! (Actually, there aren’t just three of them. There r some other character like Sheena, Hilda, n Saionji. They r friends). Souma loves Kureha, but Kureha loves Kiriya. N Kiriya …. well … he didn’t know about that. (He is a dense guy !). Souma tells Kureha about his feeling for her, even knowing he would be rejected. But, he support her for being with Kiriya. He also let her traveling with him, n he’ll go alone. Kiriya wants Souma to join him too, but he refuse that.
But in the end, Souma being with a cat-girl named Mao (who love him), n Kiriya with an elf-girl named Xecty. n Kureha … ? She still becomes friend with those two. N she is happy with that. (strange ending, huh ? but that’s the fact).

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Love Triangles

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