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Yay, Dark Ace. From the Canadian series Storm Hawks. But it was taken off in America Around the episode "Dude, Where's My Condor" so I haven't seen past that. rnYou can't see when it's small, but it also says, "If you live you win, And I never lose." And because I love this video, it's the reason for the title. You should check it out for the song if not for Dark Ace.rnrnhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4osqLzB8N4rnrnA few wierd things happened around this. Our Mini Australian shepard has been barking her head off at something outside. She's positive there's something there, even though we nor the other dogs can see it. But she does have better smell, ears, and eyes than the other dogs. And the other day, I kept smelling cologn in the house. The only guy in was my brother, and he doesn't where cologn. I had this up while I was working on it yesterday. I had the words "No Mercy" in the picture, but I hadn't decided where to place them yet. I was still moving them around. I left it up while I went to the other room to watch tv, for about an hour. Then my brother came in and wanted to tell me something, but he had his mouth full and couldn't talk. Finally, he said that something was in my parents' bathroom. The door was open a crack and he thought he saw an eye looking through it and then the door quickly closed. When we looked, of course nothing was there, but the door from the bathroom to the bedroom was closed, and the window wasn't open enough for a breeze to close the door. And both rooms smelled a little like coffea. We don't drink coffea, there's not even any in the house. We have plants all around the front of the house, but right below my parents' window, it's completely bare. Don't know why. So we joked that they ran in there and jumped out the window while my brother was having trouble telling what happened, because he had to stick his whole hotdog in his mouth. Then when I came back to the computer, the words were placed like they are now. I asked my family, and they each said they didn't touch it. They swear. I am almost positive that I didn't do it. I don't remember doing it. But, it looks good, so I left it. So, there is a semi-invisible, coffea-drinking, cologn-wearing, Dark Ace-fanboy running around my house. .....Or maybe it's Fish. But he's another story.

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