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I know this is sort of basic but oh well. I thought this kind of fits the image I have.

I got this idea (and title after watching this awsome Trigun AMV called "Let me be strong" by Silvermoon


How I made it:
The image I got was slightly pixelated and the color was off. So I raise the solution, edit the levels. Then I duplicated the file, guassain blur it a bit, then use hardlight to overlay it to brighten it bit more. Then add the black part of the wallpaper, edit the levels a bit more. for the final touches I added a lense flare to the side of the gun.

I tried to make a bullet hole through glass scene but that is hard for me and I don't have some of the applications to do it like masking. (Photoshop element 7 dose not have masking abilities)

Character: Vash the Stampede (Trigun)

Vash is a wanted legendary gunman known throught the entire planet as the "humaniod typhoon," "first human natural disaster" due to he brings destruction to everywhere he gose. He also has a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head, which everyone wants. He has a great skill in gunmanship, with precise aim, amazing speed, and the ability to shoot large distances. But Vash is a caring easy going goofball paficist, who never kills his opponents. He is also a womanizer and gose gaga for pretty women and have a big love for doughnuts. He runs around with the catch phrase "love & peace!!"

The image is a screencap from the opening taken by
I also credit Silvermoon for the awsome AMV, which lead me to the idea for this wallpaper.

Trigun Wallpapers
bullet, gun, lense flare, trigun, vash, vash the stampede
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