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I Need A Miracle
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Oooo-k... This was received as total crap on MT so I deleted it from there. Ouch, didn't really expect that one Ah well, I'll save the texture walls for here! I'm also surprised that it got a B+ rating after a day on AP, while a wallpaper I work my butt off on usually takes months to get that rating... Yeah, it's a twisted world out there -_- I will now stop trying to understand it.

Because some people complained about the brightness before, I'll mention it looks good on my monitor - I can see the rose in the girl's hand (even though I put a Lens Flare on it) and the other details and yes, the contrast between the light and dark parts isn't too strong.
The font's not too visible because it's just a small detail, not that important. It's kind of "the more you look, the more details you discover".

This one was born out of a moment's inspiration, I really didn't plan it or anything. I haven't made a texture wallpaper in a long time and I wanted to see if I could still do it. I like the result so I think I'm still able to do a good grunge wallpaper ^_^

I used a lot of textures, most from Resurgere (I love their stock images!) and some images from SXC (as textures). I never thought I'd use the Cloud filter again but it looked nice here (as a texture, naturally). Also used some sparkle and feather brushes from Scully7491, although the feather ones aren't too visible because I blurred them a lot. And last but not least, the scan: Hiro in pink by Ky. Plus something I thought I'd never use in a wallpaper: Lens Flare on the rose in her hand, on the base layer!

Oh, and the standard and 1280x1024 versions have black borders because I didn't want to cut the image - it looked too pretty I don't usually wall these "trendy" images but I liked the girl's expression and pose (not to mention the roses!) It's too cute for the usual me but I felt inspired when I saw the image!

Well, that's about it! Please comment if you like/dislike it, I love criticism! Thanks a bunch and hope you have a great day!

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