xNotUnderstood Who is your Devil?

My second challenge ^^
Well anyways,to the point of this.

SHOW ME WHO YOUR DEVIL IS!!i want you to make me a wallpaper showing who you think is the most evil,devilish,bad ass character you can think of.

So just pick character who you think fits the title "Devil"
i dont care where that person is from or who it is,they just gotta be devilish

So here is my Devil
Hiruma Yoichi
so theres an example if some didnt understand

-Unlimited Submissions
-No nude(ya'll should know that)
-It can be Male or Female(even women are devilish...like me)
-Must be a Devil like character(does not mean they gotta look like a Devil,they gotta act it,and if they look it....awesome)
-i dont care if theres a couple in there(I'll let you guys submit Yaoi and Yuri but dont make it too bad or perverted please)
-Any anime/Manga,Game,Book,Movie(whatever)
-You can add words to the piece
-Be creative with it
-Be nice to all of the ones submitting in this
-No rude comments to anyone
-Have fun

-Give credit to where it is do
-No stealing
-Please Sign your walls so no one else steals them
So please follow my rules and there will be no problem,but if u dont i will kick you out of the challenge

1st-3 items of your choice
2nd-2 items of your choice
3rd-1 item of your choice
and what i mean by "Your choice" is u tell me what u want.Tell me what you want your prizes to be,and tell me who you want in them(it can be the same person u put in the challenge too)
all people who did not place,will get a gift from me for working hard and being apart of this

Im giving you all 2 Months to do this.Why?some people are in school and are to busy,some might take awhile to make it,some need time to think,all that stuff so im giving u 2 months!!So have fun,Be creative,BE EVIL!!


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