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+-Challenge Concluded-+

As we reach the end of this challenge, I wish to take the time to thank all of my participants. Simply for entering, I will give you each a gift suiting a ninja. *winks* I have to was VERY hard to choose the top walls, and so I have chosen 5 to be honored. Therefore, in addition to the top three, an additional two will receive prizes. YAY~ Because I had such a tough time judging, I asked a few guest judges to assist me. Thank you all for your assistance~ I really really appreciate the help :)

First Place: One wallpaper Request

Fade To Black-Smoking Crimson

Second Place: One Wallpaper Request

The Art of Killing-Quiet Noise

Third Place: One Wallpaper Request

Burning Sky-KrondorianV

Honorable Mentions: One Card Request

Ninja no Hana-Felcie


*bows* Thanks again to all of my entrees~ I hope that this challenge helped to spread love of ninja that are a bit less recognized than those in the Naruto fandom and that that restriction didn't make things too difficult on you. ^^; I'll be putting up another challenge very soon, I hope to see you there!!


Hiya! FINALLY I am writing up the rules to this long thought out challenge.

Subject: NINJA!

Now, don’t rush out and grab up all the Naruto you can find…because I’d hate to disappoint you with a disqualification. Yes, this contest is all about Ninja, however, I am banning the use of Naruto Characters. That’s far too simple, and I want to see what you’ll come up with outside of this popular fandom. There are LOADS of ninja out there. LOADS. And since I’m into all things Ninja, I want to see them.


  • -NO Naruto characters. No Exceptions. I LOVE Naruto…but I really want to see some other less known ninja love shown.
  • -No Real Characters from Live Actions unless you really think you can blow me away with the epicness. PM me if you think I’ll make an exception for you.
  • -CREDIT the images/stock/brushes and whatever else you use.
  • -SIGN your wallpaper. :3 I want to know it’s by you.
  • -HAVE FUN! 8D

I want to see some Ninja Spirit now. Show me the cunning, the stealth, the code of the assassin~

PM or Comment if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to assist you.

Because of my odd banning of simple charries, I’m giving you two months to do this. That gives you plenty of time to create some epic works of art!! Go Go Go!!


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.fade to black ~smoking crimson
| the art of killing | ~Quiet Noise
Burning Sky ~KrondorianV
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