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I want to thank all the entries for posting a walllie. I loved them ALL to death. I found it rather hard to judge fairly after a few things that happened the last few days with one of the members that entered the challenge. So I called in an outside judge that would be fair with the choosing of the wallies. Once he narrowed it from the five I picked, down to three, it was easy.

Thank you Toshi for your help... The three finalist I then placed first, second and third places. Drop me a PM for your other prizes guys...



This challenge is as named ‘My Men’…

What I want you all to do is make a wallie of one, two or ALL 5 of my favorite guys. I am not going to supply you with the images. However, I will supply you with their name and the anime they are in.

I want to knock my socks off with your wallie(s). I want to fall in love over again with my anime dream guy. You are allowed to enter up to two wallies per artist. Please make it your own work and credit anything you use that is not your own work.

Here are My Men:

Aya Fujimiya aka Ran Fujimiya: Weiss Kreuz

Lord Sesshomaru: Inuyasha

Vash The Stamped: Trigun

Kuroudo Akabane: Get Backers

Toshizo Hijikata: Peacemaker

There are a few more I could add, but I don’t want to get carried away with this… heehee. These are my first’s so their a little special. No one forgets their first anything.

Prizes are:

Of course a cool little metal for taking part in the challenge.

1st place: A wallie of your choice and a gift.
2nd place: An E-Card and a gift.
3rd place: A gift.

Good luck, have fun and please dazzle me with your talents. *smiles* You have two months for this challenge. Again Good Luck...

See ya’ll around TheO My Friends…


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Snow men! ~kasumi shinohara
Toshizo ~
Trigun ~NedzumiNya
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