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Hey, if some of you don't know, I'm a majour Emilie Autumn fan. All of her music just touches me... in creepy and beautifully morbid ways. I just want you to make a wallpaper based off of one of her songs. I'll give you a link to someone who has created a lyrics video for every Emilie Autumn song that she has sang. You can take your pick... but I'll give you a list of my favourites.

Favourite Emilie Autumn Songs

**What if** (Current Fav)
Misery loves Company
Gothic Lolita
Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches
Dead is the new alive

Those are ones that would probably earn more points...

Some help for ideas:

[X] [Dead is the new Alive]
[X] [Gothic Lolita]
[X] [Misery Loves Company]
[X] [Swallow]
[X] [Rapunzel]

Sorry... I had a "must-fill-the-entire-wallpaper-with-words" phase... but there aren't many Emilie Autumn wallpapers on here... my best one was removed for certain and very good reasons. ^_^ I'll link you if you want to another site. :)

Now, for the animes I think work really well with her music.

Miku Hatsune (Not the colourful ones... ones that are more Vintage)

Feel free to surprise me with other animes and your interpretations.

Now for the rules.

  • Must be based on an Emilie Autumn song and the reason why you chose the song you did (and don't just say because I said it was my favourite)
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Dedicate it to me... I'm a n00b and need help finding things
  • Link back to the song you used. Spread the Emilie Autumn love.
  • No focus on couples, it irritates me.
  • Let yourself go. That's a rule.


First: 2 Wallpapers, 1 Wallpaper request, 1 Custom avatar
Second: 2 Wallpapers, 1 Wallpaper request
Third: 1 Wallpaper, 1 Wallpaper request

Everyone gets a gift, and of course the shiny medals.

You have two months.

Link to her songs

Have fun.

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Hollow like my soul... ~Marianka
Shalott ~Felcie
Dead is the new alive ~TiffYG2133
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