Blake Jack Show me the Ladies.

Hey friends, thank you to everyone who participated in my last challenge! It's really fun making all these challenges.

Okay, for this challenge.. as the title says, show me only girls in the wallpaper. My last challenge allowed only boy characters. So this challenge maybe the opposite of that one. Sounds easy, right?

Rules :

  • The image you use can only be in the anime or manga and video games. Don't use images of real life people or landscapes/scenery.
  • You can submit as many wallpapers as you want.
  • You must be the creator of the wallpaper, no plagiarism!
  • No yuri please.
  • No crossovers.
  • NO BOYS!!
  • Keep it PG-rated (appropiate)!
  • Please give credits!! And also the link. This is important, you have to link me at least the main image. Don't just say 'image from zerochan/google' Well, I don't really care about the textures or brushes, but the image is important XD

Yeah.. just follow theOtaku rules!
Good Luck and Have Fun!!
You have 1 month for this challenge..

And everyone will get a gift and medal for participating ;D

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