The not so popular

Thank you to those who participated in my last wallpaper challenge "YOUR favorite character" I thank you all for making it such a successful and wonderful challenge! and it was by far the hardest challenge to chose winners for. thank you again.

Now for this new challenge i ask you to make a wallpaper of a character that ISN'T popular, for example we all know Ichigo and Ulquiorra from Bleach have tons of wallpapers out there, I'm asking you to make a wallpaper of an UNpopular character, i'm sure everyone has a not so popular favorite character from some anime, this means no wallpapers of main characters! use the minor characters or side characters the characters fangirls aren't drooling over like mad, there's alot of characters that there aren't many wallpapers of, I want some spotlight put on those awesome minor characters out there!

* Can NOT be of a main character.
* Has to be of a minor/unpopular character/characters
* Can be from any Anime, Manga, Movie, Tv Show, Video game etc.
* You can Submit as many submissions as you'd like
* Remember to have fun with it~!
feel free to ask me any questions

Prizes will be Gifts and Ribbons~! have fun

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