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Kobato, a mysterious young girl sent to Earth by God on a quest. Her quest is to fill a small, glass bottle to the top with scarred hearts, the hearts that Kobato must heal. If she is able to fill the bottle, Kobato will be able to have her one and only wish come true. In a world where sadness and regret are always transparent, one girl will light up each day with her sweet heart, by helping those in need. And that colorful girl is Kobato.

So this is where the challenge begins! As I have just described above or you already knew, Kobato is a very positive anime character. You hardly see any anime/manga characters like her anymore, and I believe this series needs to be introduced to more people. So your challenge is to create a bright and cheerful wallpaper of Kobato, to show her to TheOtaku community in a positive light. Make sure to show the good aspects of Kobato's character in the wallpaper and perhaps showing her interests, such as flowers. Hopefully by doing this more members will become more interested in the Kobato series and perhaps want to check it out themselves. :)

So yes, simple. Create a free-style wallpaper with Kobato, BUT be creative. Create something truly cheerful and unique! I know you have it in you. ^_^ Be sure to include the info. of where you found your textures, scans, vectors, etc. in your description. Give credits. And of course, NO STEALING.

This Challenge will end in one month, so please get your entries in before that date! And only 1 submission for each person. :) Thank you~


1st place: 1 wallpaper request, 1 card request, and a shiny medal

2nd place: 1 wallpaper request, and a shiny medal

3rd place: 1 card request, and a shiny medal

(All who participate will receive a red medal)

If you have any questions or need help finding something, please let me know. :) Take care and good luck~

And as Kobato loves to say, "Do your best!" >:)

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