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Hi thanks for clicking. This challenge sounds complicated so I’ll do my best to explain things.

Ok i want you to make a wallpaper from one anime that’s has had more then one series and use 2 or more characters in that one wallpaper. For example the anime yu-gi-oh is in its 3rd series so your wallpaper could contain yugi and yusei. It doesn’t have to be just the lead characters it can be anyone as long as its from a different series and the same anime.

Animes with 2 or more series examples are:
1. Pokemon
2. Digimon
3. Yu-gi-oh
4. Bayblade
5. medabots
6. naruto
7. the dragonball saga's (dbz,gt, dragonball)

If you can think of any other then please use them. No limit on entries. Please make a note of what anime you’ve used and the names of the characters in case i haven’t heard of them!

Any questions please post comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as i can.

{i've noticed that there aren't many enteries so far so i may give a little extra time as i dont want people to win by default}

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