Puppet Mistress ~Vocaloid Boys~

Alright, this is my first challenge, and I've noticed in this Otaku World... people sure do like to make a lot of Vocaloid Wallpapers...! But I rarely see the BOYS in the wallpaper! And I'd like to change that!

Rules For the ~Vocaloid Boys~ Challenge

  • Must be of either of the two Vocaloid boys (and as of recently I heard there is five, just Len and Kaito are more widely known
  • You may include one of the girls, but they have to be a background character. (Or something not as important as the boys)
  • Unlimited Entries, go wild!
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • No plagiarism! That's a no-no!
  • Please keep it PG
  • And no Yaoi for this one, I'll make something else for that ;)

Contest ends 8/9/10 <--- Hey... that's kind of cool! xD

And also, the more colourful and upbeat the wallpaper, the greater the chance to win. But you're free to try and persuade me with any type of wallpaper. Remember, unlimited entry!

1st Place: 1 Wallpaper, 1 Request, and a gift... and a nice shiny gold medal :3

2nd Place: 1 Wallpaper, and a gift... and another shiny gold medal :P

3rd Place: A Gift and a shiny gold medal!

Au Revoir! Remember, have fun! ^^

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