Murder Princess Team Spirit

hey everyone! ^^
in this challenge i want you to do a wallpaper with your favorite team!
in many animes there are team constellations e.g. from bleach ichigo and rukia or from kuroshitsuji ciel and sebastian! but maybe you have the idea for a new team from different animes like zero from vampire knight and alucard from hellsing!
do as you wish! ^^ i´m really curious about what you think!
*edit of course you can make a wallie with more than 2 persons

the rules:
1. it has to be your own work, no plagiarism
2. follow the rules of theO
3. give credits if you use images/brushes/etc.
4. be creative (!!!) ^^
5. it can be any anime you want

if you have questions, feel free to ask!
this is my first challenge so i hope everything is right in my description!
i think one month is enough! ^^ i wish you a lot of fun!!

the prices:
1st- 1 wallpaper and fanart of your choice and a gift
2nd- 1 wallpaper or fanart of your choice and a gift
3rd- 1 wallpaper or fanart of your choice

hime-chan x3

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