smoking crimson School calls!

I be bored, so I have made up a contest. ;D

The title tells all, they may come from ANY anime or manga, so long they are wearing a school uniform. Please, you can submit more then one! But don't go crazy and go and submit 10 or so, because quality is less likely to be good.

Eh, use Paint, Photoshop, but TRY your best!

It has a long deadline, so relax, relax! (2 months)

Even if you didn't win, it doesn't matter at all. It just means that you have more to work on, and prefect. Keep trying! :D

WINNERS: (please PM me with what you want please)

1st place gets three of the following: krikida

- eCard
- Wallpaper
- Fanwords ((I'm okay, but not so good, lol.))
- Icon

2nd place gets two of the following: TiffYG2133
- eCard
- Wallpaper
- Icon

3rd place gets one of the following: Shottayouth13

- eCard
- Wallpaper
- Icon

Hope that's some, uh motivation?

EDIT: With so many entries, (which ain't too bad~) I have decided to give out honorable mentions. Details are as follows:

3 people will get honorable mentions, and receive a card- they will be ones I think that have tried their best.

Honorable mentions are:

- Queen of Sheba
- mysticwitch155
- dakishimeru

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School Calls ~krikida
Haruhi ~TiffYG2133
School Calls! - Bleach Ed ~Shottayouth13
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