Sand Heart K H R challenge

Hi everyone ^ ^
it's my first time to make challenge.
And I hope you like the challenge it is easy ^ ^

so now my challenge that be Katekyo Hitman Reborn!my fav anime.
and I want to make a great wallpapers for this anime.

you can made any characters you want..and my fav characters is
Xanxus,Squalo,Belphegor,Fran and Tsunayoshi or Tsuna ^ ^
I will give you more point if you made my fav characters.

oh! and Please if you can find screenshots of episode that be good,like this one Here and Here or anything in your mind.
I give you more points...Because I don't see wallpapers like this in this anime.but if you don't want that,it's ok..

and finally you can made one wallpaper just one..This means that you think carefully before participating,Because I want a great wallpaper ^ ^ you can use many characters or one..anything you want.

// Note //
me and my sis Anime Heart 2009
will see your wallpapers and will choose the best wallpaper. ^ ^

1) The wallpaper must be your own work.
2) make one wallpaper.
3) please tell me where you found the main picture
that you used for the wallpaper.
4) Be creative and have fun!

Prize :
1st : three wallpapers and a gift
2nd : two wallpapers and a gift
3rd : one wallpaper and a gift

and sorry for my bad english
you have two month good luck! everyone ^ ^

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