Summer! Sea! Swimsuits!

I was watching (again) the 228th episode of Bleach, thus this challenge has been born. :)

Alright, I'll make this straight to the point.
Just make a wallpaper of any anime you want containing:

  • a summer theme
  • beaches, huts, sand castles, etc.
  • and anime characters wearing swimsuits!

And the coolest part is? NO RULES! You can use any resources, images, and lots of photo effects in your wallpaper. Make sure to credit the owners of the following — and no plagiarism! [That's the Otaku main rule, not mine!] XD

I'll entertain any suggestions or questions via PM or comment. You have one month duration for this challenge so have fun and take your time!

Edited Part
I have to edit this challenge to the participants' demand, and some ask me for prizes. It's already constant that you'll receive gold medal if you win (at least three participants) and silver for the others. Well here's my personal prizes:

First Place Award: 3 wallpaper requests and a gift

Second Place Award: 2 wallpaper requests and a gift

Third Place Award: 1 wallpaper request and a gift

So it's already clear, the 3 challengers who get the top 3 places shall receive wallpaper requests + gift. :)


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