izsah **Lovers in Summer**

Hello! Welcome to my first challenge! We know that summer is here so I want to grab this opportunity to have a collections of wallpapers showing two lovers under the summer sun. Curious how it looks like?

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My simple rules:

  • make a wallpaper showing a pair of lovers in a summer theme
  • use male and female only, not male to male or yaoi type
  • you can use the sample image I showed you, it doesn't matter to me anyway. But if you can find better than that, that would be great! ^o^
  • it's because summer, it's not necessarily they're on a beach and wearing swimsuits. They can be on a grassy field having a picnic, riding a bicycle together beside the riverbanks, sitting under a tree while eating ice cream, or just walking happily and sharing in one umbrella. Just widen your imagination.
  • kissing or hugging is fine but doing more than that might scare the audiences. Hohoho!
  • I don't mind if they are real lovers or not, as long as they look like one, it would be fine for me
  • you can use any anime/manga you want
  • crossover is allowed, just be conscious when doing the blending
  • feel free to include anything that you think belongs to summer.(edited)
  • express your creativity on your wallpaper. Having effects like photo-manipulation would be amazing.
  • having explanations why you're wallpaper looks like that would help me understand your work better
  • make your own title for your wallpaper
  • submission is unlimited
  • GIVE CREDITS. No credits given might lessen the chances of winning even if you have the best wallpaper among the other contestants. (Please! Please! Please! Learn to give credits for the images you used or give link back to the site where you found your resources. Have mercy to the owners, to the one who created that piece, or to the site that humbly offers free materials such as vectors, brushes, backgrounds, etc.. Remember, it's a sign of RESPECT. )

Considering these simple rules, I'll choose the best for my taste. But in case I get to like two different wallpapers made by only one person (if that could be possible), then he/she is very lucky. So do your BEST!


70% - overall appearance of a wallpaper
30% - credits given (as much as possible, mention where you get your resources, ok?)_____________________________________________________________
100% - the best "Lovers in Summer" wallpaper

Other Nice Wallpapers in this Challenge

Hope of a summer by Auraelys
Life in film by Timcanpy14
Love Summer! by starwing12
- { S o m e D A Y } - by Hanaro Souhi

Congratulations to all the contestants of this challenge!

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Days of Summer ~Abyuka
Summer Love ~noirassasin
Follow your Sun ~NedzumiNya
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