One Piece! Water-7

-Thank you to those who participated in my last challenge-

Alright! so i'm trying to get more One Piece Wallpapers out there, but i was thinking there's a few character's i like that don't have any wallpapers at all, and most of them are around the Water-7 arc,

So i'm making that the challenge, make a wallpaper of any One piece character you want but they have to be ones during the Water-7 arc, meaning characters like Iceburg, Franky, Paulie, Kiwi, Mozu, Kokoro, Chimney, Yokozuna, or any of the CP9 members, which includes the strawhats if their in the clothes they wear during the Water-7 arc.

Rules -- Guildlines --

*Can Only be of a Water-7 arc character.
*wallpaper can have more than one character in it.
*Keep things PG-13-and no Yaoi/Yuri, since my little sister is going to help me judge i don't want to explain why Zoro and Sanji are having love moments! XD
*You can submit more than one wallpaper.

Wallpapers of Paulie will automatically get my vote. XD don't judge me!

My little sister Nikki, My friend Jack, and I will be Judging. Yeah, its not just me you have to impress now! XD


1st place - 3 ecards of your choice - 1 gift
2nd place - 2 ecards of your choice - 1 gift
3rd place - 1 ecard of your choice - 1 gift

ALL that participate will get a gift!

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