winterlionheart TWINS!!!! ^^

Ok, time for a new challnge, not that anyone really cares or does them XD XD But anyhow that's not the point. This time it's going to be fairly simple, I want a wall of the Kaulitz twins from the awesome band Tokio Hotel (many thanks to Xenesis for me to be even listing to them now XD) But there is one thing you have to do for the wall with the links down below I want one of the images in the wall, I don't care if you use them all, or just one, or what but one of them has to be in it. And also you can't just blow them up to wallpaper size and say it's a wall, you won't have a wining chance that way Oo I like to see work in your walls sp here's the pictures I want

Like I said, you don't have to use all of them, I just want at least one in there, and if this helps you guys any bit, I won't be judung the walls on how many images you use are in it. And also you can use other ones in it as long as I see one of the few then it's all good. I think that covers just about everything, and if you need more help feel free to pm me, ask ect. Good luck to all who decides to do it

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Tokio Hotel
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Beloved Kaulitz Twins ~Morbid Dollie
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