TiffYG2133 Color Me...BLUE!

Time for my second challenge, This one's pretty simple!

I want you to make a wallpaper that is mostly Blue! I chose the color blue because it's winter and blue just fits!


  • The main color of the wallpaper must be blue
  • It can be other colors too but I want the dominant color to be blue
  • All shades of blue are acceptable
  • You can use any anime, game or manga you want
  • You can use any character you want
  • You can use as many characters as you want
  • Feel free to do cross over walls if you want

Other Info

  • Try not to take a wallpaper and just color the whole thing blue - creativity is a plus!
  • recoloring characters so that they are wearing blue or even blue hair is fine but unless they already have blue skin try to avoid that
  • try not to stick a character onto a plain blue BG and that's it, be creative & have fun with it
  • as I said B4 other colors are fine too but try and make blue the main color
  • a interesting title is a plus but not necessary
  • You can enter up to 3 wallpapers


  • Must be your own work!
  • Give proper credits if needed
  • Don't just crop a scan and call it a wallpaper, put a little effort into it ^_^
  • Remember to put a signature somewhere on the wall

*PM me or comment with any other questions*

~winners will be judged by creativity & use of the color blue~


  • First - 2 wallpapers + gift
  • Second - 1 wallpaper + gift
  • Third - 1 card + gift

~*~*~*~ADD: OMG there were soooo... many great wallies! Great job everyone, made me wish I could select like 5 or 6 winners ^_^ this was a good challenge & thanks you all for entering even though I had such a hard time picking the winners congrats to you all!~*~*~*~

P.S. winners can PM me with their requests ^_^

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Black horizons Blue ~SakuraDust
Lenalee & Kanda ~yuko9kost
With the Wind ~LunaInverse
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