bonitachika792 The Arrow points the way.

I'm creating a challenge based on Arrows.
*2 months to make this
*Only one submission per person. Anymore than that, and I'll delete them.
*You can use as many images or people from anime/manga/music/anything else. It's not limited to something that relates to this site, BUT NO suggestive pictures please.
*You must incorporate arrows into your wallpaper. SO for example, if you use brushes on photoshop or decorative touches such as swirls in wallpapers you will instead just use ARROWS
*You can use any type or arrows, I know there are a lot of photoshop brushes of arrows on Deviant art such as there is also this one

*Good image extractions. NO BUMPY edges, that will not get you a good rating.
*The wallpaper is well composed and not pixelated, it has to have a good resolution and looks crisp and clear.
*If it looks like you put effort into making it and didn't just slap an image and background from google together.
*Try to be creative with your wallpaper, divert from cliche wallpapers make something new and cool!
*Citing where you got your brushes and images from! I want to know where you got your stuff from and other people might want the brushes you used too!
*Great use of incorporating the arrows into the image.NOT good if you just have arrows randomly thrown onto the wallpaper. GOOD if you have good placement of the arrows and it works with the wallpaper.
*Color scheme: If things flow together well and catch my eye.
*Finally if I like it.

And on a final note it would be nice if I could see other resolutions other than the 1024x768.

Goodluck to all who enter. I know I rant about requirements but it isn't too restrictive, just let your creative juices flow

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Unlimited BLADEworks ~Ritona
{ Ushiro } ~Quiet Noise
Forward ~NedzumiNya
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