21Emmz12 ThE fInAl CoUnTdOwN!!!! 8D

Title: The Final Countdown
Artist: Europe
Reason: Kinda fitz in widda challenge X3
MY 1ST CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runz 'round coffee table like darez no 2morra* 8D
*getz dizzy & fallz* X_X
So anyz, da Challenge Objective iz ta make a wallie of a good guy & a bad guy in any anime. & ta try & make it look like day're fighting against each otha.


(herez da good part :3)

Da background hazta b sum random place.

EXAMPLE: Ichigo Kurosaki (Good Guy) & Sosuke Aizen (Bad Guy) wid dare swordz out, readi ta attack each otha, widda background of sum random skool playground wid lil kidz on da swing setz & teeter totterz.

.........XD LMFAO

Yaz can even doo cross-ova.
Like Inuyasha battleing Team Rocket!

.......I wonda hoo would win dat 1? X3


(Yea, i no day suk, but WE LIVE BY DEM!!!!!!! *twitch twicth*)

(o.0, hyped on on Orange Crush, Baby Belz, Oreoz, & Fuzzy Peachez @ da moment...)

  • MUST hav yer signature sumwhere. It can b in da corner, it can b on sum1'z face, inna speech bubble, on day're butt, ANYWHERE!! o.0
  • Dunt care whut dimensionz yaz submitt. Yaz can add da 1900X1800, 1,000,000X2,000, 5billionX10billion.........
  • Gotta credit da peepz who scanned/vectored/rendered/licked/brushed/took-a-pic-of/drew/ran-ova/bought/freshly-picked/ da picz in yer wallie. Including background. & PLEASE dunt say Google er Ask. Day're search enginez. If yaz did get it from Google, den write down da url when yaz see it in full size.
  • Dunt havta dedicate ta mehz, i've already got like 30 otha dedicationz...But yaz want, go rite ahead ^w^ Dedicationz r good......
  • Yaz can adda story ta it......Dunno how yaz gonna doo dat >.>
  • Think offa good title fer da walle! Like whut i doo! Instead of calling da wallie "Ichigo VS Light Yagami", try naming it afta a song. Sumthing like "In The Land Of The Pigs, The Butcher Is King".
  • U can use da examplez i used above ↑
    [*} U must, & i mean MUST, MUST, MUST MUST!!!!!!!!!!!! ..............hav fun ^w^

  • Deadline iz in 2 months
  • K, u DUNT havta maka silly background fer da wallie (Like sum of da othaz hoo already entered :P). If u doo, den datz great! If yaz dunt, den datz ok! XD



  • 1st Place~~~~2 Walliez of Choice
  • 2nd Place~~~~1 Wallie of Choice
  • 3rd Place~~~~1 Card of Choice

Pretty kewl prizez, A? XD
If yaz hav any q'z, leave a comment er PM meh. Doesn't matter ^w^
Hav Fun, Enjoy, & Good Luck On Da Challenge! =^D

EDIT: Sum peepz aren't 2 sure whut day're supposed ta doo (i waz scared of diz happening T_T), so i've calmed down from my hyperness just enough ta make a breif description of da challenge here:

Make a wallie
offa good guy & bad guy
fighting against each otha
but da background
hazta b
sumthing really random
like a playground er da moon (If ya want)

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