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Hello everyone! This will be my first time in making a contest, and since Adam brought this cool 'Challenge Feature', this will be really handy for the Nature's Club contest :). Ready for the challenge? :)

Nature's Admirers Club Wallpaper Challenge

Visit the World site:

So here are the guidelines:
Make a wallpaper related to nature. It can be anything like landscapes, a flower, sky, space, anything pertaining to nature. One thing though, don't include things that are too Fantasy-like, (unicorns, fairies, etc) try to think of something more realistic. After all, it is nature we're talking about :). It can be Anime, or with a real person.

This contest is open for everyone, even to non-members of the club. If you would like to join, just say so in your comment :).
Also, if you would like to submit your entry to the Nature's Admirers gallery, just write in your tags the word NAA.

One submission per person please :)

Be creative and do your best! ^_^

Here are the guidelines I'll be evaluating the entries with:

Quality: This one takes a big part when I'm looking at the wallpapers. Clear and sharp, specially with bigger resolutions/widescreen.
Creativity: thinking outside the box is a plus :)
Originality: Has to be your own no doubt.


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