Razing Phoenix FMA VS BLEACH

All right guys, time for Razi-chan's first ever challenge! Here we go!


The objective is to make a wallpaper featuring your favorite character(s) from Full Metal Alchemist AND Bleach. This is a crossover challenge, so you can put in more than one characters in a wallpaper.

Here are the RULES:

1) No nudity, yaoi, or yuri
2) Nothing that will violate theOtaku's terms
3) It must be your own work (don't submit someone else's wallpaper)
4) Be creative and have fun!


1st Place: 2 Wallpapers of the winner's choice
2nd Place: 1 Wallpaper or fan art of the winner's choice
3rd Place: 1 fan art of the winner's choice

The DEADLINE: will be November 24th!


Just have an opened mind and put some effort into it. I hope this challenge will be fun. It's a simple one, but I hope you enjoy it just the same! If you wish to join just comment in the post or PM me.


Thank you to all who entered my first challenge!! I hope to be making more and such, but in the meantime, I'd like to say an honorable mention to a few other entries.

To NateyTheBannin and DiscreetV: I really liked the idea of the two *ahem* "shorter" characters together and collaborated them into one walle. Very creative!

To Sweet L: An amazing walle! I love the pics you chose and it looks great, it made judging very hard!! :O

To yugioh5Dlover: I really loved the walle design, and I'm glad that someone chose to make a walle of Orihime and Winry. It was different and I was having a hard time picking the winners because of it. But it's really good!

And to clueless101: I really liked the pic of Scar. He was one of my fave male characters from FMA, and the combo of him and Gin is really interesting. Great walle!!

Again I'd like to thank all of you for entering and making this challenge worthwhile. Thank you and I hope to be seeing more wallpapers from everyone!

AND most importantly, for prizes, I'd just appreciate it if the place winners would PM me or comment and tell me what they'd like.


First place: A requested wallpaper and fanart
Second Place: A fanart and or card
Third place: a fanart and a surprise gift!


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