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My first Challenge! :D Let's start this off with me explaining things a 'lil bit. This Challenge "No Love Permitted" just means, you gotta make a wallpaper that has nothing to do with being in love, being out of love, heartbroken, crushes, none of that. It has to have nothing to do with love. Make a wallpaper that shows having fun, showing good times with friends, celebrations, and/or just chillen out! Fun stuff like that. Make sure it's optimistic. No gloomy wallies. I don't see alotta of good time happy wallies that doesn't involve love. ~_~ So this might be a challenge to those who loves to make romantic wallpapers, might not be. o.O Who knows....


  • Only Anime but any series you want. Crossovers are cool too.
  • Make sure to make a wallpaper in the resolution [1280x1024]. Sorry it's called a Challenge for a reason. :D
  • Keep it PG-13 or less aight? xD No hentai.
  • No plagiarizing. Make sure it's your own work. [Pretty sure that's an obvious one]
  • Be creative & original.
  • [EDIT]I forgot to mention that it has to be computer-designed. Sorry. ^^;[/EDIT]

Tips To Success:

  • Everything in the Rules section.
  • Make sure your work is high quality and everything is clear! [Blurry images & crappy quality are just not gonna cut it.]
  • Best way for that is to use Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, any other workshop programs.
  • I recommend that you guys don't use Paint.
  • Last of all, have fun. Be stress-free. [Unless you make good wallies when you're stressed xD]

Prizes: They'll be made by me.

  • 1st Place: A wallpaper/e-Card and an avatar of your choosing plus a gift.
  • 2nd & 3rd Place: An e-Card OR an avatar of your choosing.
    [EDIT]Sorry, I just realized a wallpaper for 2nd & 3rd is just taking a `lil bit too much of my limited free time. Instead, I hope you guys can settle for e-cards. ^_^;;;[/EDIT]

& OF COURSEEEE, a Shiny Medal. =^_^=

Any questions, concerns, comments, or complaints, please write to me in a comment or PM. Good Luck to those who will be participating. You all have two months!

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