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All winning wallpapers were clean, well arranged, blended well, followed the rules, and were more than just someone else's vector slapped onto a background.

"Dedmen" by NedzumiNya
The image had a lot of depth, an appealing color scheme, and overall good arrangement.

"Garden of Flowers" by Crimson-Rose
Another nice color scheme and use of layers and brushes.

Ada (Resident Evil 4) by jannycats
Nice extraction and use of little details like the shadow.



There are a lot of minor characters out there that kind of float by without much notice. There are even entire series that go without much love. And if you're one of the few who like this character or series you probably know how frustrating it can be to find graphics of them.
On that note, here's the challenge. Let's help populate the net with more of these characters/series. You have two options.


-Pick a character that is featured in less than 10 wallpapers here.

The easiest way to see if there are less than 10 with this character is to search their name. Now if your character is in a wallpaper but that character is way far in the background or barely visible, then don't even count that one as one of the 10. However if they're acceptably visible in the wallpaper that does count. I trust you to use your own judgment, but if you have any questions pertaining to a specific wallpaper, PM me.


-Pick a series that has less than 10 wallpapers in its category.

All you have to do is create a wallpaper featuring the character/series of your choice. The character or series can be from ANYTHING. Movie, anime, book, music, TV, whatever.


-Credit where you got the image from ON the wallpaper.

Yes, ON the graphic. Not just in the comments. However, if it's official art or screencaps, I'm lenient. I understand people download these from places and keep them on their computer for ages and may not be able to recall where they're from. But if it's from somewhere like minitokyo or animepaper, please provide credit.

-Put your username somewhere on it.

-Seeing as the purpose of this contest is to help populate categories, I will allow up to 5 wallpapers per person. This is a lot, so please don't rush through and submit a bunch of low quality images.

-If you use fanart, you'd better have permission from the original artist (or use your own).

Sorry, but I won't accept "I found it on photobucket" as an excuse. This makes plagiarism far too easy.
Now seeing as this is a contest for hard-to-find stuff, you may resort to using fanart. It's not difficult to go on Deviantart or any other art site and PM the artist asking for permission. Just say what you're using it for, where, and agree to credit them ON the wallpaper and link back to their site in the comment. All the ones I've talked to have had no problem with this and would be happy to let you use it.

-Of course follow the requirements of the challenge.

I always keep the rules simple and straightforward, but inevitably there are people who don't follow them. But I know people can forget or overlook one, so I give ONE warning if it doesn't meet the requirements. If it's not changed by the time the challenge expires the entry will be disqualified. If you give me a hard time about it you will be disqualified and I will not accept any other wallpapers from you. I hope I won't have to start a blacklist or disqualify anyone.


Of course there have to be winners. I will choose 3.
I'll be looking at overall quality, composition, creativity, and if you followed the rules.

But overall, I'd like people to think of this less as a contest and more of a contribution effort. So do your best and don't get discouraged! You're still doing a good thing that someone else is bound to appreciate~


Any questions presented in the comments will be added/answered here

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Deadmen ~NedzumiNya
Ada (Resident Evil 4) ~jannycats
Garden of Flowers ~
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