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ok ive just been upgraded from otakuite++ to senior otaku and as a gloriouse way to show off i decided to make my first ever challenge.
its called upgrade ,were you make your favorite character UPGRADE in any way you want.
wether it be grown up versions of kid or teen characters or outfitting them with robot extensions.
draw edward elric with a badass new automail or what you think ruka and rua would look like all grown (yugi-oh 5D's ruka and rua}

rule one:please color them i wont even consider uncolored ones
rule two:yes i would love detailed pictures try to explore as many options as you can

rule three:this ones easy to fallow NO COPY CATS

lalala prizes

PRIZES3RD PLACE: request of manga youd like me to do wether it be one of yours or just a manga idea you wanted to do but was just to busy to do yourself.ill take short stories and will use your name in the credits.

2ndplace:3 drawings by request a stand alone comic strip and one card:all request

1st place:5 drawings 2 cards 1 wallpaper and a full manga again by request
with name in credits

have fun triing to invent new styles and upgrades for characters
you can even use your own oc as long as its told what he/she was before you transmogrified them

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Kakashi's Growing ~MrLeitexxx
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