kitabug69 How Good Are You?


Hello Everyone,

I want to Thank each and everyone if you that participated in the How Good Are You? Challenge.

I had to say this was a tough one on picking my winners. I guess that is why it took me three days to pick them... heehee. BUT, I have posted the winners, finally. For the ones of you that did not make the winning three... BIG HUGS... Your wallies were great. But alas I could only pick three...

Hope you all will join my next challenge. You all did a wonderful job... Good luck next time.

See you around TheO...



How Good Are You?

Hello Everyone,

Kitabug here, and with my second challenge for TheO members. This one is going to be a little more of a challenge.

What I got going here is ten Anime Scans that you will pick from:

1) Bleach
2) Death Note
3) DN Angel
4) Fullmetal Alchmist
5) Hellsing
6) Inuyasha
7) Kenshin
8) Naruto
9) Peacemaker
10) Trinity Blood

Pick one or two of the scan(s) to do your wallpaper(s) with. The wallpaper HAS TO BE MADE with one of these Scan(s) I provided. I will not accept another scan(s) from one of these Anime(s). The scans are good quality and the resolutions are rather large. So there should be no problems with working with them.


The Rules Are:

1) You have to use one of the scan(s) I provided. I will not accept a different scan from the same anime(s).
2) You cannot use all of the original scan. In other words, you can’t just enlarge the scan and use it as your wallpaper. It will be disqualified if you do. You can however use part(s) of the scan to make your wallpaper.
3) You must remove all text and flaws from the scan.
4) Title and sign your wallpaper.
5) Only two wallpapers allowed from one artist.
6) And the most important Rule. Have fun and be creative.

Now since some of you may be new at what I am asking. I am giving you two months to do this. If you are confused about any of the rules PM me and I will be happy to inform you better.



First place: Two wallpapers of your choice from any anime and a gift.
Second place: A wallpaper of your choice from any anime.
Third place: A gift.


I know I kind of limited you with what I am asking, but this is a challenge, right? What is a challenge if you are not willing to make it a little hard on the takers of the challenge?

I do hope I see some takers on this. I am sure with some of the creations I have seen in TheO this should not be all that hard for you.

Again. Remember to have fun and be creative. See you around TheO…

Later and thanks for taking part,

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