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Hello everyone and welcome to my wallpaper challenge. It isn't really a challenge per say but I wanted to get the word out that I'm making a video slideshow featuring wallpapers exclusivley from theO. I am looking for the best and the most creative wallpapers here. If you need more information you can read my post Here.
But I don't want you to just submit links here. I want you to use your best wallpaper making skills to create the best wallpaper you can. I am looking for quality not quanity. This wallpaper should feature your best skills and your creativeness.
RULES(Every challenge has em.)
1.NO PLAGIARISING!There already enough art thieves out there. Be Original and submit your own wallpaper that YOU MADE,NOT SOMEBODY ELSE'S! If your wallpaper is in fact Plagiarised,AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION!
2.Link as many sources as you can
3.No wallpapers with strected out scan. If it looks like that I'm just going to pass it over or disqualify it. (Sorry to be blunt)
4.No low quality images! Get your scans from Minitokyo or Animepaper or somewhere like that
5.Have fun! Be creative and have fun with your wallpaper!

Winners:There won't be any winners per say. Well there will be at least 3 winners but all the wallpapers that are entered in this challenge have an equal chance of being featured in my slideshow. Thank you.

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