Murder Princess Day, Sunset & Night

hey guys, long time no see type ;D
i think a long time for a new theme for a challange and here is the result ^^

i want you to make a wall with a day or a night theme ... but not that simple!
choose a picture for example a pic with a day theme and make with this a night wallpaper!
and of course the other way round, so use a night pic and create a day wallie! i also decided that you can make a sunset theme (course i love sunsets ^^) if you choose this option it doesn't matter if the original pic have a day or night theme! and once again the other way round
Got that? I Hope so!! xD

short summary: 1. day theme -> night theme
2. day theme -> sunset theme
3. night theme-> day theme
4. night theme-> sunset theme
5. sunset theme-> day theme
6. sunset theme-> night theme

for understanding -> examples:
number 1: day -> night (this is also ok ^^)
number 2: original -> changed
number 3: night -> day

i think everything is clear now! ;) important is that you give a link to the original picture, otherwise i can't score your wallpaper xD
and make a notice which option you choose.

1. follow the rules of theO
2. give credits to the original picture and if you use renders/vectors, brushes/texture, ect.
3. make clear which option you choose
4. it has to be your own work, no plagiarism
5. you can submit as many entries as you want
6. effort must be put in. don't submit a 5-minutes work
7. be creative and have fun

1st- 2 wallies and 1 fanart (or 1 wallie and 2 fanarts) of your choice
2nd- 1 wallie and 1 fanart of your choice
3rd- 1 wallie or fanart of your choice
if you have special wish, ask! i see what i can do ;)

hime-chan x3

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