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Welcome to my first ever challenge, All Hallows Eve. Now, as some of you might know, All Hallows' Eve is one of the older names for a day that is now popularized as Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday and it is only fitting that I make a challenge for this wonderful day.

What I want from you is rather simple. Make a (or several) Halloween themed wallpapers. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. For example: you could have the characters in costume, or just have a generally 'spooky' mood. Perhaps you'd like to have Halloween decorations up. I'm pretty open to how you would like to depict Halloween on your wallpaper, just keep in mind that it must be Halloween in some manner.

Rules: (because we got to have them)

1: Follow all of theOtaku's rules. (Obviously. I hope you already know this.)

2: You must credit all stock used. This includes the scan(s)/images, brushes, textures, filters and fonts. I don't just want a link to dafont as your credit for the fonts - at least give the name of the font you used. If you cannot remember where you got something, don’t use it. This is the second most important rule. (That's why it's here.)

2.A (Addendum to Rule 2)
The only thing exempt from this rule is the font used in your signature. You do not need to credit that.

3: You may use images from any anime, manga or video game. Please DO NOT use images from live action TV shows, movies or of bands or celebrities.

4: You may enter as many times as you want - though you will only place once.

5: You must have the word 'Halloween' in the tags.

5: Yaoi and Yuri are allowed - as is anything that does not break the 'PG-13 rule' of theO.

6: You DO NOT need to have the words 'Happy Halloween' on the wallpaper. Though you can if you want to.

If you need something cleared up, just ask - I don't mind answering.

First Place: Besides the shiny medal, I will also award you with: a wallpaper, an ecard, an iPad wallpaper and four icons.
Second Place: Besides the shiny medal, I will also award you with any THREE of the following: a wallpaper, an ecard, an iPad wallpaper or four icons.
Third Place: Besides the shiny medal, I will also award you with any TWO of the following: a wallpaper, an ecard, an iPad wallpaper or four icons.

(If you would like to switch something out - say the ecard for four more icons, or the iPad wallie for another ecard - just let me know what you have in mind and I'll see if it's something I'm okay with.)

Honorable Mentions (if available): I will award you with any ONE of the following: a wallpaper, an ecard, an iPad wallpaper or four icons.

All entries will receive a gift and I will also sign their guestbook.

Entries will be judged on several things.
Quality. (Do not just slap a resized scan together with a font.)
How well you followed the rules. (Especially rule number two, though not following any rule is grounds for disqualification.)
How well you capture the Halloween spirit. (Or at least what I see as the Halloween spirit. This is very subjective though.)

I will give you two months to enter. Judging will begin October 31st.

I invited quite a lot of people. Just those that have been nice to me, or that I know vaguely and would like to get to know better. Of course, if you were invited - while I would like it if you did enter - you certainly don't have to.


Just to let you know, judging has now began. I hope to have the results posted by the weekend.
Entries will be judged in the following order:
How well you followed my rules
Your ability to capture the Halloween spirit
and, finally,
How good your wallpaper looks on my computer

I would like to thank everyone for their entries in my challenge. Considering I only actually had six different people entering the challenge, I figured I should leave it at the three places that theOtaku has. Anyway, I would like to thank everyone for their entries. Promised gifts and comments are on the way. Thanks again guys - hope you had as much fun with this challenge as I did.

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