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Due to complications JanetChan's [everything He has done.] Was not posted into the challenge. I did judge her wallpaper with the other entries and she place third. I was not able to post her as a winner, but here is the link to her wallpaper that took third place in the judging.

[everything He has done.]

A beautiful piece of work and very worthy of being part of this challenge technicality or not...

Thanks JanetChan I wish I were able to give you a metal for this win, but you will have to settle for a gift from me... (:

I want to thank all the artist that joined the challenge your wallpapers were very beautiful and I personal downloaded each and everyone. They cycle on my desk top... (:

Thank again,


Contrary to belief, my son is not the only reason why I believe in God and his son Jesus Christ. I have believed and followed God since as long as I can remember. As a young girl; I use to spend summer with my Aunt’s and go to church with them. Vacation Bible school and camp, holds some of my best memories as I was growing up. As a teen I remember going as well. My parents were not big into church so no one forced me. I went on my own.

Bringing me even closer to God, I remember times laying in the grass day or night and gazing into the sky. Thinking. Thinking of how small we really are compared to other things around us. To us an ant is small and a microorganism is… Well micro. Imagine how small we are compared to the Solar System, the Galaxy, the Universe. Then think of the things that are non existent compared to them. I knew there was something greater then us. Only someone greater could have created what we have. The beauty that surrounds us every day, everywhere we turn.

In this challenge I want everyone to create a Wallie that reminds you of the beauty that God created for us. On this wallie I want a quote from God or a promise he has made us.


1) Be creative, but not overwhelming.
2) Give credit where credit is do.
3) Follow TheO rules.
4) Have fun.

I am not looking for many entries for this challenge. Then again, when I say that I am shocked from the turn out. Either way, entries are limited to three per person. You have two months. Thanks everyone and have fun… I have made a wallie of my own for this challenge. You can take a look at it for an idea of what I am looking for. Just check the submission... lol.

See ya around TheO…


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