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With KH's tenth anniversary coming up in a month (for the US release anyway), I felt a challenge was appropriate! So fans, take up... computers and show the KH franchise some good ol' lovin'! Celebrate, y'all! *takes the Kingdom Key and starts dancing*

Ok, so here are the rules:

  • The characters/scene/whatever must be from Kingdom Hearts, of course.
  • Keep it PG13 (of course), so no ecchi (if there is any for KH...? >_>). Everything else is fine.
  • Unlimited entries! Let it rain KH!
  • It doesn't have to be dedicated to me. I'll check this regularly.

A Special Rule!!
Since this is for KH's tenth anni, do tell the world the first game from this series that you played, as well as your favorite game and character! Share a memory and spread the love! I'll write mine as an example :)

The first game I played was KH (1).

I played it at a friend's house when I was in middle school. I was so excited because I'd seen the commercial and finally got to play it! The first game I actually owned was KH:CoM (which is why that one is one of my favorites). My favorite games are CoM & 385/2 Days. I actually don't have a favorite character... but the ones I really like are Riku, Roxas & Saix (and of course, Zack, but that's a different story and a different obsession).

Note: If you submit more than one, you don't have to do the special rule on all of them. Just one is cool, yo.

Also, if you've never played the game, you can still join! Just ignore the "special" rule XD. Everyone's welcome!!

...ok...was that weird? Anyways, have at it~! This only lasts one month, so it can fall on the right day, September 17th.

YET ANOTHER NOTE, Y'ALL: I'll be gone for the week of "judgment", so please don't eat me (I really don't taste that good without salt!) for judging late! It's hard when ya've got entries good as these!

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