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Hello everyone~! Thanks to those who entered my latest (and first!) challenge and also to those who considered eventually enter it!


For this challenge, here is what I want from you: a wallpaper of a villain you really don't like. I know, we tend to like villains but, here, I'm asking you to make something with the bad guy/girl you really can't stand. Challenging enough?

No fan art, unless Umbridge is invi.. it's on Minitokyo.net, Kisuki.net, etc.
Quality works please!
• It has to be from an anime, a manga or eventually a game. "Real" characters aren't allowed.
Give credits, also for the quote if it's from a book, movie or a song.
No more than one person on your wallpaper.
• Yaoi/yuri aren't allowed (but your villain can come from a yaoi or yuri, of course)
• You don't have to dedicate it to me but you can.
• Anyone can join.
No more than 3 entries per person.

You have one month.

First place: 1 wallpaper, 2 cards and 3 icons
Second place: 2 cards and 3 icons
Third place: 1 card and 3 icons

There will be honorable mentions~

Honorable mentions: 3 icons

Good luck to everyone and sorry if I couldn't invite all of you!



1st - [standing on my pedestal] by TwinkLes
2nd - Sho Minamimoto by Kuzusu
3rd - Greedy Desire by ElfDuchess

Honorable Mentions
Makoto by LunaInverse
All Living Creatures by ItachiSasuke
Master: Guinea Pig by XkeyofdestinyX
Izaya Orihara by alphonse13

Thanks to all of you for entering~!!

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Challenge completed
[standing on my pedestal] ~TwinkLes
Sho Minamimoto ~Kuzusu
Greedy Desire ~ElfDuchess
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